Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pooki the Polar Bear-Scentsy Stuffed Animal Perfect for the Holidays!

Pooki the Polar Bear Scentsy Buddy has been added to the BOGO Holiday deal. Scentsy heard all the requests and has decided to add Pooki to the lineup of Holiday Scentsy Buddies. We lost Wellington the Duck, as all of the buddies that were available for this promotion have been depleted, but you can still buy Wellington at regular price. Who wouldn't love to wake up to this cute face on Christmas morning? Buy him now, while supplies last!

Warm, white, and oh-so-fluffy, Pooki the Polar Bear is the perfect companion on a blustery winter day. Place a Scent Pak in this Buddy's zippered pocket and bring him to life with scrumptious Scentsy fragrance.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Buy Sell Join Scentsy in California

California is known as the Golden State, and although right now we are going through some really tough times, the beauty and culture of this state is hard to ignore. Once you have visited or lived in California, you can never forget it! So as a Scentsy consultant who lives in California I thought what better way to pay tribute to the Golden State than by way of Scentsy. Looking through the new catalog, I was able to pair up a few of California’s famous landmarks and cities with current Scentsy warmers:

The full-size Scentsy Ashbury warmer, brings to mind the beautiful city of San Francisco. San Francisco is the home to the Golden Gate Bridge, exquisite art galleries, renowned museums, and unique neighborhoods. The Scentsy Ashbury warmer encompasses the Bohemian lifestyle that is alive in San Francisco.

The full-size Scentsy Ohana warmer reminds me of the beautiful beaches of California. There are over 1,000 miles of California beaches along the California coast and approximately 118 beach cities. You can just imagine yourself taking in the sights at crazy Venice Beach or walking along the beach, while the Beach Boys play in the background.  Ohana shows off playful flip flops and swirling waves that you are bound to see at every California beach.

The full-size College and University Warmers from Scentsy’s Campus Collection include some of California’s most prestigious Colleges and Universities. With the rivalries between UCLA and USC or Cal and Stanford, you can pick your team and help the school of your choice, as a percentage of the proceeds from the purchase of the Campus Collection warmers benefit the school. Other California College and University warmers available are San Diego State and Fresno State University.

The full-size Sol warmer, has Plaza Olvera written all over it. Plaza Olvera or Olvera Street, is located in Downtown Los Angeles. Plaza Olvera is a colorful Mexican marketplace. Plaza Olvera is rich in the traditions and life-styles of the Mexican Culture that have influenced Los Angeles. Here you will find Mexican style music, food, shopping and dancing. It’s fiesta time when Olvera Street celebrates Cinco de Mayo and Día de los Muertos.

The full-size Margot warmer, is reminiscent of the “Golden age of Hollywood” The classic and elegant black design and the sprinkling of pearls, brings back memories of classical beauties such as, Katharine Hepburn, Bette Davis, Lauren Bacall and Greta Garbo, who “just wanted to be left alone (with my Scentsy warmer).” The Margot warmer would be the perfect addition to the HOLLYWOOD sign located on Mount Lee in the Hollywood Hills area of the Santa Monica Mountains.

The Crinkle Full-size Scentsy warmer looks like a skier just discovered freshly fallen, untouched, soft snow and decided to leave their mark. California is not only known for its warm weather, but also for its gorgeous mountains and ski resorts (yes there is snow in California). Whether you visit Northern California’s Lake Tahoe or Southern California’s Mammoth Mountain, you are bound to find the perfect ski resort no matter what part of California you are visiting.

The Full-size, Chianti Scentsy warmer is a wine-colored warmer embellished with a medallion of grapes. This warmer represents the Napa Valley Perfectly. Napa Valley is located in Northen California and is considered one of the top wine growing regions in the world. Whether you are in Napa for the wine tasting, food or just a relaxing spa day, the overall sign that you have arrived in wine country are the rows and rows of grape vineyards.

The Full-size Nature's Haven Scentsy warmer shows the life cycle that exists in California’s Central Valley.  The Central Valley is a large, flat valley that dominates the central portion of California. It is home to California's most productive agricultural areas. The valley stretches approximately 450 miles from northwest to southeast inland and parallel to the Pacific Ocean coast. Its northern half is referred to as the Sacramento Valley, and its southern half as the San Joaquin Valley.

I am lucky enough to live and have grown up in the Central Valley, the heart of California. I have the ability to visit beaches, mountains and deserts. I am surrounded by beautiful cities and landscapes. I am a California girl at heart and although I have visited other countries and states, none of them have compared to the people and beauty found in California. The good news is that you don't have to live in California to become a Scentsy consultant. If you are interested in becoming a Scentsy consultant (no matter where you live), contact me and I will introduce you to the wonderful world of Scentsy!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Scentsy Collectible Halloween Warmers-The Perfect Home Decorations

October is the month to invite the monsters, ghouls and ghosts into your home. We take hours and hours looking for the perfect Halloween costume, but we overlook Halloween Décor for our home. What better way to decorate your home than with our safe Scentsy Full-size and plug-in warmers

Our Halloween warmers have become very collectible. The current Fright Night Plug-in is the smaller version of the Fright Night Full-Size warmer (no longer available). The current Jack O'Lantern Plug-in is the smaller version of the Full-Size JackO'Lantern warmer (no longer available).  These cute warmers are available for a limited time, so order your warmer today-before they disappear fooreevveeerr!     


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Scentsy Holiday Gifts- Buyers Guide For Everyone on Your Christmas List

Holiday Gift Guide:

The Holidays are quickly approaching. You sit down and begin writing the names of the lucky friends and family that will be receiving a gift from you. Your heart starts racing as you realize that your gift list has more names than your bank account has money. Don’t worry; I have come up with the perfect Scentsy buyers guide for everyone on your Christmas list. So sit back and relax (yes it’s true, you can shop in your PJ’s AND in the comfort of your home). No lines, no crowds and the perfect gift for everyone on your list at the perfect price.

Gifts for the Heroes in your life. 
The Hero Collection celebrates every day heroes, such as EMT's, Firefighter and Police Officers. Also available, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Warmer.  $35.00

Gifts for the Service Men and Women, every branch of the military is available: 
Air Force , Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy, The Patriot Collection honors all the men and women of the armed forces that keep us free. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Patriot Collection warmers benefit the military and its programs. $35.00

Gifts for the College Student or Alumni:
Scentsy’sCampus Collection lineup currently includes 79 Colleges from all over the country. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Campus Collectionwarmers benefit the school.-$35.00

Gifts for the little ones in your life or the person who is young at heart:
A friend that they can love and hug and keep them company. Scentsy Buddies and BabyBuddies. Each Buddy includes a built in zippered pouch that hold one scent pak. Buddies are recommended for children ages 3+-$20.00-$25.00

Gifts for the person who is always on the go:
Be it the hard working executive or the globetrotter, these small, but useful products will make any place feel more like home. Room Sprays, Scent Circles, Scent Paks, Fragrance Foam and Travel Tins come in a variety of scents.-$3.00-$8.00

Gifts for the person who enjoys sending their love through the mail instead of e-mail.:
Sincerely Scent is Scentsy's new line of greeting cards. These cards are a little bit different and unique than any other cards currently available. The sender will be able to create a greeting card from hundreds of pre-made designs, or they can upload their own image. They can personalize their greeting card and the best part is that a "scent spot"( aprox. 1.496"), available in all of the current Scentsy "Favorite" Scents  will be attached to the inside front of the card. Once the sender designs their card and has picked their scent, they just have to click send and they are done. No postage is needed as it is included in the price.-$28.50+

Gifts for the Christmas Lover:
They love the Holidays and they aren't afraid to show it! Scentsy has many Christmas warmers and plug-ins that will make the Christmas Lover squeal with delight and with scents with names such as Christmas Cottage, Cozy Fireside, Silver bells and Festival of Trees, they will celebrate Christmas all year long. 

Gifts for the Picky People:
We all know that one person who is so difficult to buy for. Scentsy offers gift certificates for the hard-to-please person. Gift Certificates are available in denominations of $25.00, and with Scentsy's wide array of products, even the pickiest person on your list will find the perfect gift!

Gifts that benefit Nonprofits, help make the world a better place:

Help the next generation of Special Olympics athletes reach for the stars with Scentsy's newest Charitable Cause Warmer. Through February 28, 2013, Scentsy will donate $8 (USD) from the sale of each Champion Warmer to Special Olympics International.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Scentsy October Scent and Warmers of the Month

Check out 2 Warmers New in October 10% off and...the New 

Scent of the Month. Get Them HERE: