Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of wax is used when making Scentsy Bars?
A: We use a custom, food-grade paraffin wax blend. Our wax blend is designed for a specific scent-load and melt point.

Q: What kind of oil does Scentsy use in its products?
A: Non-essential fragrance oil.

Q: Do I use a whole Scentsy Bar at a time?
A: Scentsy Bars come in six break-apart sections. One or more sections can be used at a time according to preference. Deluxe (full-size) Scentsy Warmers can hold an entire Scentsy Bar. Scentsy Plug-In Warmers are designed to hold one section at a time.

Q:How hot does the wax get when warmed?
A: Scentsy Bars in Scentsy warmers melt at 125 degrees Fahrenheit when used with the correct bulbs. The same temperature of a typical paraffin cosmetic dip. The wax is not hot enough to burn children or pets.

Q: How do I clean the wax out of the warmer?
A: While the wax is warmed and melted, pour into a disposable container and wipe the warmer with a paper towel or napkin. You can also place the top dish in the freezer for 5 minutes and the hardened wax will pop out easily (this is my favorite method).

Q: How long will our Scentsy bars last?
A: They will last a minumun of 50-80 hours and maybe even longer, the strength of the fragrance is the determining factor.

Q: What wattage of light bulb does the warmer use?
A: Only a 25-watt light bulb should be used in a Deluxe Scentys Warmer (full-size). Only a 20-watt light bulb should be used with a Mid-Size Scentsy Warmer. Only a 15-watt light bulb should be used in a Scentsy Plug-In Warmer.

Q: How often does Scentsy come out with a new catalog?
A: Twice a year...one in the Spring (March) and one in the Fall (September).

Q: How long does it take for my order to be received.
A: Once the order is submitted it will take anywhere from two to three weeks.