It’s Your Party!

There’s more than one way to share the Scentsy experience. Just as every fragrance is unique and memorable in its own way, every Hostess has her own personal way of entertaining. Scentsy offers a variety of options—from living room to office to cyberspace—so you choose how you want to party!

Hosting a party is as easy as contacting your Scentsy Consultant (me), choose the party that is most appropriate for your lifestyle, choose a date, and start your guest list. I will take care of everything else.

Once you decide how you want to party, start making your own wish list of your favorite products you’ll order with all the Hostess Rewards you’re about to earn!

Types of Parties:

Scentsy Home Party. This is a great way to try new products, get together with friends and earn Hostess Rewards at the same time. Home parties are simple, personal and fun for everyone involved.

Scentsy Basket Party. If your guests can’t make it to the party—bring the party to them! The Scentsy Basket Party is a perfect alternative for an office party or visiting friends and loved ones who aren’t able to get out much for one reason or another. I provide you with a small and convenient basket full of Scentsy product samples and you’ll have 10-14 days to share it with as many people at as many locations as you like.

Online Party. Are you a Facebook fanatic, do you keep in touch with most of your friends and family via social media? Then you might want to host an online Scentsy party. Your guests can place their orders online and have their order shipped directly to them, while you earn the free and half price host credits!