Friday, July 12, 2013

Scentsy se lanza en Mexico!

Para toda la gente que se encuentra en México, si están en busca de un negocio para ayudarles a ganar un dinerito extra o poder dejar de trabajar para cuidar a su familia. Scentsy va abrir las puertas para México empezando el primero de Septiembre. Ya muchos conocen a Jafra, Avon, Tupperware pero muy poca gente conocen a Scentsy. Scentsy es una compañía la cual ofrece velas eléctricas sin el peligro de fuego. Scentsy usa un foco el cual calienta cera aromática y funciona igual que las velas tradicionales. No se queden atrás y aproveche esta oportunidad con Scentsy!


Scentsy unveils new exciting Products for the Fall Winter 2013

As the summer months are amongst us, Scentsy is busy unveiling the new products for the Fall/Winter months at the Scentsy Family Reunion in Indianapolis. Scentsy is always pushing the envelope and this year is no different. You wanted Scentsy for your laundry? Well how about tub sized washer whiffs and super concentrated laundry soap in your favorite Scentsy fragrances? A charitable cause warmer that will benefit the “Wounded Warriors Project.” Forest Collection Scentsy Buddies, new Scentsy warmers that DO NOT use a light bulb to warm wax. Camo warmer, rocket ship warmer, new wraps for the silhouette warmer, the cutest Holiday warmers for Halloween and Christmas! WOW so many new and exciting things will be coming up in September! Who’s ready to book their party, basket party or online catalog party and be the first to show off the new items? With all these new products this is the perfect time to sign up with Scentsy!