Sunday, August 1, 2010

August Warmer and Scent of the Month-Boho Chic and Citrus Sun Tea

Boho Chic
Bold, effusive blooms explode in an earthly palette of russet and red with painterly highlights of copper and gold. This bohemian beauty conveys the late-summer warmth of a field of sunflowers-and is decidedly modern at the same time.

Pair the warmer with the scent of the month, introducing...

Citrus Sun Tea-Conjures images of porch swings and the whirring of oscillating fans on a hot summer day, Citrus Sun Tea combines Southern-style sweet tea with zesty citrus and lemongrass.

Warmer: $27.00
Room Spray: $7.20
Scentsy Bar: $4.50
Scentsy Brick: $18.00
Hanging Freshener: $2.70

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