Sunday, March 28, 2010

An Apple for the Teacher

ABCs Warmer
Teacher Appreciation Week is May 3-9. To celebrate all of the hardworking teachers Scentsy is introducing the ABCs warmer. This is the first time that a mid-size warmer has been chosen a “the warmer of the month.” Did you know that many schools allow teachers to use Scentsy warmers and scents in the classroom, as they pose no burning hazards?

This is a perfect gift for friends or family who are teachers, your child’s current teacher, or the person who will soon be graduating as a teacher. The list is endless!
Pair the warmer up with the scent of the month, Introducing…
Red Candy Apple
In keeping with the “apple for the teacher” theme, Red Candy Apple is bursting with tart Macintosh apples, red raspberry jam, sweet red berries and strawberry milk, with notes of brown sugar, taffy and cotton candy.
Remember that the Warmer and Scent of the month are 10% off for their promotional month.

Warmer: $22.50
Room Spray: $7.20
Scentsy Bar: $4.50
Scentsy Brick: $18.00
Hanging Freshener: $2.70


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