Saturday, March 20, 2010

Discontinued Scents and Warmers

Were any of your favorites dicontinued? Scentsy had to make room for the new Spring/Summer scents and warmers. The following is the list of the warmers and scents that are not featured in the current catalog, but will be available through Scentsy until supplies last, so if your favorites are on this list you better act fast and stock up!

Cheetah, Daisies, Eclipse, Giraffe, Holly, Jack O' Lantern, Labyrinth, Pembrook, Sandstone, Sweetheart & Treasure Chest.

Scentsy Fragrances:
African Mahogany, Bourbon, Boysenberry Moss, Bubblegum, Christmas Tree, Coconut Citrus Parfait, Coconut Macaroon, Coffee Shop, Cozy Fireside, Grapefruit Berry, Holiday Chai, Holiday Kiss, Key Lime Cookie, Olive Wood & Cyprus, Poinsettia Pine, Pomegranate Ice, Raspberry Danish, Red Berry Tea, Red Chili Masala, Snowberry, Spiced Grapefruit, Spruce & Citrus, Winter Wonderland, & Taj Mahal.


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