Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Arbor Boys Scentsy Fundraiser

The Arbor Boys are a group of very young talented people who have been making films since they were in High School (about 2 years now). They are now on a mission to raise money so that they can purchase much needed equipment so that they can begin filming their first full-length film. As a group, they have written, starred and edited numerous short films. They are “hands-on” when it comes to their films. They have financed the majority of their film by selling items on Ebay, begging their family for money, anything and everything that will add to their film fund. The Arbor Boys are targeting the many women in their lives by having a Scentsy Fundraiser. The goal is to raise $500 so that they can purchase a professional camera. Omar is my younger brother so I can truly say that he is very passionate about the work that he does…even though I sometimes don’t understand all of his movies. The following is Omar’s sales pitch:

“Hi, I'm Omar and for the last two months we've been raising money to start shooting our first movie. We've been doing short films as a hobby for years but we're hoping this project will be the start of our careers, and we can't do that without new equipment so we're teaming up with my sister Sonia to sell some candles! It'd be awesome if you wanna buy from us to help us out, maybe we can figure out a deal to be thanked in the credits. =)”


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